Friday, October 28, 2011

Alhamdulillah It's Friday ~ 1st Zulhijjah 1432H

 Alhamdulillah, It's Friday and we are still breathing right now, alive and kicking.. We get to meet again with the leader of all days, Friday.. It's truly a blessing, Ya Rabb, Alhamdulillah.. yes, Alhamdulillah, why not, peeps..

We always tend to forget that death can come to us, anytime, anyday, anywhere, young or old , poor or rich, ready or not we are, everything is on Allah's will.. waking up on every morning is indeed a blessing by the Almighthy..what if it's no longer a privilege for us to enjoy.. All of our matters and businesses in this world will end immediately... Yes, on Allah's will, living is a privilege given to us on undefined lease term.. no one knows when it will end, everything is on Allah's will.. hence, Alhamdulillah it is, peeps..

I guess everyone loves Friday.. For Muslim, it's because Friday is the Leader of all days.. Friday is a sacred day, we are blessed with the opportunity to perform Friday prayers, especially for the Muslimin..   

"Then when the (Jumu`ah) Salat is ended, you may disperse through the land, and seek the Bounty of Allah (by working), and remember Allah much: that you may be successful.'' (62:10) 

Perhaps, allow me to share some of the gist from my reading on Friday's benefits:
  • Nabi Adam Alaihis Salam was created by Allah on Friday 
  • Nabi Adam Alaihis Salam was sent to earth on Friday
  • Friday is the leader of all days or known as "Saidul Aiyam", the best of all days
  • There is a blessed hour on Friday during which a person is granted anything lawful and good by Allah that he prays for, as such that Duas are answered and accepted
  • The Day of Qiyamah or Resurrection will be on a Friday 
  • The benefit of fingernail cutting on Friday. For any Muslims who cut their fingernails on Friday will be protected against illness and be granted with safety.
Anyways, as Muslims, we should be happier because we are meeting with the Friday that falls on 1st Zulhijjah.. In Islamic Calendar, Zulhijjah is the last month of Hijri. Zulhijjah means "Hajj" literally. It is the most awaited month by all Muslims as the great annual worship of Hajj is performed by the pilgrims at the Holy lands. And as for the rest of us, we are blessed with Eid'ul-Adha.. 
The first 10 days of Zulhijjah is the most imperial and glorious days in Islamic Calendar. The Holy Prophet, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam, has said, "One fast during these days is equal to the fasting of one complete year, and the worship of one night during this period is equal to the worship in the "Lailatul-Qadr". Allahuaklam. This chance comes only once a year, every Muslim may want to grab this wonderful opportunity to perform as much Ibadah as much as we can. InsyaAllah we will be blessed.

Another blessings that Allah grant us in the month of Zulhijjah is the Youmul 'Arafah or known as the Day of Arafah. This is the day where all Hajj Pilgrims gather and assemble at Arafah, the plain land ,positioned six miles away from Makkah Al-Mukarramah, to perform the most essential task in their Hajj, named "Wuquf of Arafah".. Everyone is placed under the tents, wearing all white, looking similar and no one is superior, it may reminds us of Mahsyar.. Summon and dua' will be recited  here.. the messages will go straight to heart, oh my, it gives overwhelming feelings.. Speaking of it, reminds me of the sweet moments of my Pilgrimage.. it makes the heart grows fonder.. Allahu Akbar..  

Anyways, for all of us here, who are not in the pilgrimage journey, we may also get to seek the benefit of the Youmul 'Arafah.. it is desirable for us to fast on this day. The fast of 'Youmul 'Arafah' has been emphasized by the Holy Prophet, SAW, as a mustahabb (desirable) act. According to a hadith, the fast of this day becomes a cause, hopefully so, of forgiveness for sins committed in one year. InsyaAllah. There are more to tell about Zulhijjah. I gues it deserves another entry..

Well, my empty soul always express the excitement of meeting Friday by saying TGIF or Thank God It's Friday, it translates my excitement of meeting the weekends.. I guess, from now onwards, i wanna cease that expression from my life.. i would want to express Alhamdulillah It's Friday for the happiness of meeting the sacred Friday.. i wanna appreciate Friday more, instead of the weekends.. I reckon this can be my little initiative to make me a faithfull Muslim.. remind me peeps if i forget this.. correct me if im wrong..

So peeps, let's make our Fridays meaning and important starting from today, insyaAllah.

Alhamdulillah It's Friday.. :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Heyya, peeps..

Perhaps "It has been a while" just dont seem enough to justify the length of my long hiatus.. this abode has been left unmanned for almost a year.. so where have i been? well, i was around.. it's just that i've lost the knack and passion to write and ramble about anything, so i thought.. and i guess time may also be one of the factors.. my routine had undergone several series of alterations throughout the year..

Writing requires the knack and passion, be it just for scribbling a simple note.. any writers would want their writings to be catchy and interesting, either formal or casually.. and i thought i've lost it, not until recently i get reacquainted with writing again.. During my long hiatus, all the writings i've been doing were merely for my assignments, term papers, thesis proposal and whatnot.. all these have gotten me really occupied, with the embedded series of migraine episodes for my so called "benefit".. writing for pleasure wasnt seem as fun anymore.. i guess that explains the long abandonment of my humble abode..

Somehow along the way, the long hiatus has given me the urge to start blogging again, expressing my thoughts, sharing my feelings in this cyberspace.. i found new passion to write for pleasure again even just to jot down on the most foolish note for an entry.. no one has to know me to read my notes or access the junks in my humble abode.. i am free to express my thought as long as i dont write on any issue that can get me into troubles.. For all i know, Google can bring anyone here and i can remain anonymous to anybody in this cyberspace.. During my hiatus, i've seen quite an extensive number of visitors come and go, leaving footprints in my Live Traffic Seed.. that tells me that wouldnt it be great if i start scribbling my words again..

So peeps, here goes, i wish to continue the lifeline of my humble abode.. let me rejuvenate this place to let everyone feels comfortable during their visits here.. Till then, see ya!

Monday, January 03, 2011


Oops.. i hope it's not too late for me to wish a Happy New Year here.. come on, im only 3 days late!! Ngee~

anyways, i've been caught up with lotsa things during the last leg of 2011.. it was kinda a busy week despite the long holidays.. and i've been too busy putting on weight as well.. u see, throughout the week, i cook lunches, i made afternoon meals and not to mention indulged 'em like nobody's business.. Ngee~ i can feel the additional expanded spaces on my cheeks.. haha..

hurms, so many things await for 2011.. my class has resumed last Saturday.. im gonna have busy weekends again.. and there are major reshuffling at my workplace too, looks like my honeymoon is over now.. tonnes of works are waiting and the bosses are waiting at the other end, yelling, "Let's Get Cracking"..

Whatever it is, im hoping my life will turn out alright for 2011.. i hope will not chicken out when it's time to take chances and all.. like i've mentioned on 1st Muharram, i dont have any specific resolution for these two new years.. im just letting the nature take its course.. so everyone, all the best for 2011..

Monday, December 20, 2010

When The Lease Expires..

Cancer and death are quite a perfect duo.. Death has taken its toll to cancer since science has ever been discovered.. Cancer can get acquainted with many parts of our anatomy, may it be blood, brain, liver or even breast.. So, is cancer a death sentence to many.. only Allah knows best..

But some may say, yes it is.. according to them, cancer is like a biological time bomb implanted in human body.. well, i reckon the whole experience can only be best described by the contracted beholders but most importantly, above all this, everything is under the will of the Almighty.. nobody can deny HIS will, we can be deadly sick by the minute but recuperated alright in due time, or if HE says it's our time to go, so it is, albeit we were in the pink of health just minutes before it.. Kun Fa Ya Kun..

Cancer has been the popular vocabulary recently, to me at least.. i've crossed path with quite a number of people whom have been contracted with one.. and that includes my cousin, a bombshell has been dropped on her when she was told she has breast cancer at the age of 34.. when she learned the truth, the cancerous cells have been eaten her alive all the way to stage 3.. devastating right? well, that's pretty much it with cancers nowadays.. when one learns the ugly truth, BAMM!!, stage 3 or 4 await at the advance edge.. and these fatal cells make quite a rapid "progress", due in a month or 2, perhaps 3 if they are lucky.. my mom's friend was told she had leukemia just a week before she passed on.. and that definitely shocked the livings.. well, i guess that's probably the reason why some people named cancer as a death sentence.. it happens too fast..

This afternoon i received a text informing that someone i knew had lost her life to breast cancer.. she has fought a fierce battle down to her last breath.. the news i received at 1pm turned out to be a false alarm.. her heartbeat stopped then but she had revived to life 40 minutes after, so everybody was relieved but her condition continue to deteriorate hours later.. preparing for the worst, her aged wheelchair-bound mother came to bid her final goodbye to the beloved daughter, and at that moment the heart stopped beating, for real.. so as the clock ticked at 4.05pm, there she was a daughter, a wife and a mother lying on the hospital bed, surrendered her final battle at the age of 37.. she left behind 5 kids, with the eldest being 12 and the youngest is barely 2.. the poor toddler is still struggling with formula as he was still breastfed by his late mother just two months ago..

Everything just happened too fast.. she didnt even get to do a chemo yet.. It was started last October.. a small swollen lump under her bra line had opened up the gate of truth.. she underwent a check-up to seek the truth and a bombshell dropped on her when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at an advanced stage of 4.. the cancerous cells had "progressed" to her liver.. but that didnt put her spirit down.. being a tough fighter, she took the news with a smile.. within these two months, her health deteriorated, but she still can managed to pull a smile.. i can still remember the moment she smiled when i visited her 2 last weeks.. when her visitors were sinking in tears upon seeing her condition, she can still put on a smile and said, "Hey, what's up with the tears, it's not like im gone, please be done with it already".. we knew deep inside she was aching, her body was bailing out on her with most parts of her anatomy were crippled.. but that didnt stopped her from smiling and that made our hearts sank even deeper..

Whose heart will not sink to see a young toddler went berserk looking for his mom.. he has been separated from his mom since she was hospitalized.. seemed to know she may not be coming home in a pink of health, the poor lil child was crying for his mom and that left his father with no option but to bring him to see his mother 2 days ago.. perhaps he knew his mom was leaving him, so there he was meeting his mom for the last time.. that would just break everybody's heart, wouldnt it..

We just dont know what the future holds for us.. she was healthy as she thought she was 2 months ago before the bombshell dropped on her.. and this could happen to us as well.. only Allah knows if we will still be around next week, next month or next year.. staying oblivious of the future, we should at least do our part to pay attention on our health.. this should be a reminder to me, i always take my health for granted.. whenever a headache occurs, i would take it as mild migraine.. whenever my stomach ache, i would reckon im having indigestion discomfort.. i would faint already at the thought of medical checkup.. procrastinating a medical checkup is seen as the best option right until the health deteriorate severely.. sometimes i reckon, enduring a pain is nothing compared to an ugly truth..

We may be in the pink of health as of we are breathing now, but only Allah knows best if our health may bailed out on us moments later.. Anyhow, comes whatever obstacles, let's not sink in despairs because Allah is always there for us.. Turn to HIM and have faith.. Anyways, i would appreciate your kindness to extend an Al-Fatihah to this tough fighter.. May she will be laid to rest in peace.. insyaAllah..

Death happens to anybody, anywhere, anytime.. when our lease of life expires, it's time to leave everything behind and return to HIM.. our time will come, sooner or later..

Truly to Allah we belong, and truly to Him shall we return..

Friday, December 17, 2010

Whoa, whatever works for 'em, man!!

This is a jaw dropping insight and im totally speechless!!..

Owh, i truly appreciate the space i have in my room now.. it makes me love my bed even more!! i feel like swimming in it!! God, im thankful for the luxury of having a room all to myself with an en suite bathroom for my convenience and to top it all off it's bigger than this guy's living room.. owh man, this is beyond my wildest imagination that such house would ever exist and i dont think we can ever get to come across a house any smaller than this one.. it feels like living in an airplane with shelves of compact compartments.. and it gets worse when you have to share the tiny space with other human being.. it's like you can feel each others' breathing.. and it's fancy being a 39y.o guy sharing a tiny room with his mom.. hats off to this guy!!

Seriously, whatever works for the Japanese to own a property nowadays.. and perhaps claustrophobic may not exist in their vocabulary.. A pat on the back for the Japanese!!

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